William Warren

London based product and furniture designer

sunray chair

The direct development from the chair originally made in the woods for the Bodging Milano project, this is a traditionally constructed windsor chair in ash, with a carved seat, spindles and a steam bent back bow.

The spindles in the back do not run into the seat block, but instead fan out from the lower back rail giving a sun rise effect. The top of the seat has nothing joining into it, allowing the curve back and seat to sit comfortably together without touching.

The chair can be used for dining as part of a set with the Sunray Table (not yet finalised), or used individually.

This chair is manufactured by Case and will be sold through the John Lewis department stores.

It will be launched at London Design Festival 2010

2 Responses to “sunray chair”

  1. katharina grosse says:

    dear william,

    i coul not find this chair at the louis store. where is it sold currently and how much would it be. have you done the table yet?
    best, katharina

  2. please come back width price and delivery time on sunray chair

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