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This urn was first drawn when William Warren was designing the Shelves for Life.

The lid of the urn can be used as a functional ashtray and the pot as storage for all your smoking paraphernalia. It is meant to remind the smoker of the probable/possible results to smoking. See also the No Smoking ashtray.

It has the potential to be used as an urn for somebodies ashes, but realistically, after the suffering of watching somebody die slowly and painfully from lung…

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Text Tiles

A series of ten ceramic tiles with applied decoration that can be used to create text and signage by their various combinations. The aim was to to keep the number of different decorated tiles to a minimum so that manufacturing might become cheaper and stock in retail outlets easier to manage.

The tiles were developed in 2008.

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Chinese Whispers

Willow pattern is a common English crockery design that has been popular for over two hundred years. The pattern originates from China and was ‘interpreted’ by Europeans. This version is now it is manufactured in Japan. The design has traveled backward and forward with a suitable amount of development with each trip, like the game of Chinese whispers.

The ceramics are produced in the usual way, with transfers applied to standard white ceramics, but this time with each piece ‘wearing’ the…

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Indent Crockery

One of my early experiments with manufacturing intervention combined with narrative from 2000. The crockery was produced by a well-known ceramics factory in Stoke on Trent where I was allowed to interrupt the production line in mid flow. I sat and bit the plates myself as they were produced, leaving them to continue through production to be picked up in quality control.

The final result appears as if someone has been so hungry that they have tried to eat the plates.

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