William Warren

London based product and furniture designer
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Two Timer Frame

A photo frame for two photographs that employs the action of turning a portrait face down when you’re up to something you don’t want it to see. The dovetail wood working joint makes associations to lovebirds and ‘fitting neatly’; appropriate connections with the mythologies of complicated love lives.

The pictures are installed by sliding the dovetail joint along which exposes the one open side to the frame.

The picture frame was developed for the exhibition ‘Them Indoors’ at the Geffrye Museum. 2005.

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Your Umbrella Sleeps with the Fishes

An umbrella-stand made by casting concrete around Wellington boots. Is there actually any evidence of gangsters giving a victim concrete boots, or is it a universally known filmic myth?

The original prototype for this product is somewhere in the Thames, near Waterloo bridge. It was made in 2000.

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