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The Fife Bench in production

Chris Eckersley and I went up to Fife the other day to see the benches in production. Envirovent have made a lovely job of making them.

The benches are being delivered to Fife council this week and should be installed pretty soon.

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Bench of Nails

Designed in 2004 for a park in Clarkenwell, this bench plays with the fact that people will sit on anything. Even if it has originally been designed to keep people off.

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Home Lockers

The Home locker was developed during the Joined up Design for Schools program, run by the Sorrell Foundation. The program paired designers with schools and set them to work of different briefs such as Graphic Identity, School uniforms or storage issues. Each designer had to work directly with a client team made up of pupils of the school.

My brief was originally to provide secure storage for the corridor areas of Brecknock school in Camden. It became obvious however that there…

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Half-tone bench

A series of four benches commissioned by Islington Council and installed in Clerkenwell Green in 2005.Each bench overlooks the next and can be peeped through by looking through the holes. The concept came from observations of people watching one another in parks.

The graphics on the benches are created from photographs and achieved through C.N.C. stamping a series of holes in a similar way to half tone printing photographic images in newspapers.

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Tilly’s Wall Diary

An important aspect of the home is that it doesn’t exist only in the present. A sense of home comes from how long we have been at a place and how long we plan to stay.

This is a child’s cupboard with a twelve-year lifespan, which aims to become a sentimental belonging. The child creates a visual diary over the course of their growing up, which will continue to be seen and enjoyed when the locker has grown beyond it. Every…

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