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The Elves and the Chairmakers

One factory, 5 Designers, and 2 days.

On a sleepy weekend in early June this year, five designers visited the famous Lloyd Loom of Spalding factory. Whilst the assembly workers were away, and assisted by two of Lloyd Loom’s loyal craftsmen, the designers with no set agenda, helped themselves to standard components, experimented and reinterpreted. Over the intense and frantic two days, thirteen new concepts were conceived and left in the factory showroom for the staff to find on Monday morning.


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FFF Workbench and Stools

The FFF Workbench is designed to better suit the developments in the new curriculum for secondary school Design and Technology lessons. It has a replaceable Linoleum top for written and drawing work and a solid beech edge for more demanding practical work. The Lino has a graphic in the centre that aims to provide ‘Incidental learning’ by showing technical details in everyday objects such as radius, inside diameter, cubic measurements and isometric views. The workbench has rulers set into its…

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Emir Products

This was our first project with Emir. We developed designs for a mitre breadboard, salt and pepper holder, a meat mallet, a toilet roll holder and a series of coat hooks.

The mitre breadboard help with the cutting of bread at 90 and 45 degrees. The ability to cut bread straight has always been a competitive sport in my family. The salt and pepper holder is a cross between a marking out guage and an oil stone box. Both standard Emir…

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