William Warren

London based product and furniture designer
Educational Design

The Tiger Climbing Frame

Climbing frame project at Dog Kennel Hill School in South London.

The design was developed with a group of school pupils. Three meetings and a visit to a local adventure park were instrumental in fixing the brief for the project. The children all agreed that the climbing frame should be somewhere that all ages at the school could play together with different activities aimed at different age groups and devices to help interaction. They also were concerned that the area should…

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West London Acadamy

The West London Academy was designed by Foster and Partners Architects. We were asked to install an interior that would encourage conversations of all kinds among the 14/15 year old pupils using the space. The environment caters for boardroom meetings, one on one confidential talks, canteen style meets, café chats and one to many presentations.

Designed in collaboration with Carl Clerkin and Gitta Gschwendtner. 2006

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Home Lockers

The Home locker was developed during the Joined up Design for Schools program, run by the Sorrell Foundation. The program paired designers with schools and set them to work of different briefs such as Graphic Identity, School uniforms or storage issues. Each designer had to work directly with a client team made up of pupils of the school.

My brief was originally to provide secure storage for the corridor areas of Brecknock school in Camden. It became obvious however that there…

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FFF Workbench and Stools

The FFF Workbench is designed to better suit the developments in the new curriculum for secondary school Design and Technology lessons. It has a replaceable Linoleum top for written and drawing work and a solid beech edge for more demanding practical work. The Lino has a graphic in the centre that aims to provide ‘Incidental learning’ by showing technical details in everyday objects such as radius, inside diameter, cubic measurements and isometric views. The workbench has rulers set into its…

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