William Warren

London based product and furniture designer

Where have all the rabbits gone?

This will be a free downloadable gift developed for a research project with Brighton University. Link to ‘Bitrwapped’, an online giftshop.

The brief was to design gifts that could be sold and delivered online without the need for manufactured goods. The project is an attempt to help people select and give more relevant personal gifts and to eliminate some of the environmental impact of producing, transporting and disposing of short life gifts that often only exist in order to satisfy the…

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This urn was first drawn when William Warren was designing the Shelves for Life.

The lid of the urn can be used as a functional ashtray and the pot as storage for all your smoking paraphernalia. It is meant to remind the smoker of the probable/possible results to smoking. See also the No Smoking ashtray.

It has the potential to be used as an urn for somebodies ashes, but realistically, after the suffering of watching somebody die slowly and painfully from lung…

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Skull Biker Stickers

A patch made from self adhesive ‘shotchlite’ reflective material. The graphic both protects the rider and expresses the dangers of cycling through the established message of skulls on biker jackets. The stickers are manufactured and distributed through Suck UK who sell them in packs of three. One large 20cm one and 10cm versions. The design work was done in 2009.

Link to Stickers on Suck UK’s website

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New York Street Art Colouring Book

This is the second Street Art Colouring Book. The newer book is based in New York, the birthplace of modern Graffiti, and it covers the development of the art-form. There are pieces from well known New York writers featured, as well as more pieces from the Vop crew who generated the artwork for the first book.

Both books are printed and distributed by Worldwide Co. They have sold upwards of 25,000 copies to date.

Buy the New York Street Art colouring book…

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Street Art Colouring Book

The first colouring book is based in south London and teaches Graffiti students the basic principles and styles of Street Art, through a number of photographs of iconic but scruffy London scenes that can be coloured in. The pieces in the book were created by the infamous South London crew, the Vopstars.

Buy the Street Art colouring book on Amazon

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3D Doodle Kit

A drawing kit that contains a red and blue coloured pencil and a pair of 3D glasses. By holding the pencils at a set distance apart whilst wearing the glasses, it is possible to produce images that jump from the page.

The science museum have ordered so many sets that they now have their own packaging for the product. Product manufactured and distributed by Worldwide Co. Original concept from 2004.

Click here to go to the 3Ddoodle kit on Worldwide Co.’s website

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Hair of the Dog Keyring

I recognised this little dogface in a penknife bottle opener when I was young. Faces are useful devices to give personality to objects.

I like the way the key ring becomes the dogs collar.

The keyring was first prototyped in 1998.

Link to keyring on Trico’s website

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No Smoking

No Smoking ashtray

One of my first products and an example of inventive use of materials and contrary narrative. The first series of ashtrays were produced using no smoking signs from the sign shop near my workshop. The aluminium signs were pressed on a simple wooden tool.

I originally produced the ashtrays myself in batches of fifty and at one point I was personally selling them to nine countries around the word. This of course ended up being a beyond me and I stopped,…

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Fob Off Keyrings

Part of the ‘Negative’ range of products I produced shortly after graduating from a silversmithing MA in 1997. The larger chubb keyring is also able to open beer bottles.

The keyrings are now manufactured by Trico in Japan.

To link to the keyrings on Trico’s website click here

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The atmosphere in a home changes through the day and for different activities. This is a simple device that transforms a room from minimal to cozy by turning on the light.

Lampshadows are photo-etched in stainless steel. This is a process of screen printing in stop out varnish and etching which is normally used in electronics. A a process it is able to create relatively fine detail at low cost in small production runs.

The Lampshadow was developed for the exhibition ‘Them…

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Digitalish Door Number

Combine the plates together and twist out the tabs to create your house number.

The door numbers are photo-etched in brass. This is a process of screen printing in stop out varnish and etching which is normally used in electronics. A a process it is able to create relatively fine detail at low cost in small production runs.

Designed in collaboration with Carl Clerkin.

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