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the bridges of london

‘The long sentence by which we learn various crossings across brown waters’ is a mnemonic sentence I conceived to help learn the road bridges across the Thames.

If you can manage to generate a better graphic to communicate this piece of information then I’d love to see it. I don’t think these ones are very good.

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Skull Biker Stickers

A patch made from self adhesive ‘shotchlite’ reflective material. The graphic both protects the rider and expresses the dangers of cycling through the established message of skulls on biker jackets. The stickers are manufactured and distributed through Suck UK who sell them in packs of three. One large 20cm one and 10cm versions. The design work was done in 2009.

Link to Stickers on Suck UK’s website

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Text Tiles

A series of ten ceramic tiles with applied decoration that can be used to create text and signage by their various combinations. The aim was to to keep the number of different decorated tiles to a minimum so that manufacturing might become cheaper and stock in retail outlets easier to manage.

The tiles were developed in 2008.

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Tessellating patterns

Here are some patterns I’ve drawn up. I don’t know what to do with them. The gun pattern has been used as a floor tile in both rubber and parquet.

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Half-tone bench

A series of four benches commissioned by Islington Council and installed in Clerkenwell Green in 2005.Each bench overlooks the next and can be peeped through by looking through the holes. The concept came from observations of people watching one another in parks.

The graphics on the benches are created from photographs and achieved through C.N.C. stamping a series of holes in a similar way to half tone printing photographic images in newspapers.

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Street Art Colouring Book

The first colouring book is based in south London and teaches Graffiti students the basic principles and styles of Street Art, through a number of photographs of iconic but scruffy London scenes that can be coloured in. The pieces in the book were created by the infamous South London crew, the Vopstars.

Buy the Street Art colouring book on Amazon

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Terror Firma Parquet

This parquet came about as an application for the tessellating pattern I had come up with. I couldn’t think of what else to do with it. It was originally made as an floor for a trade show stand and has been installed in a few houses since.

I would have loved to see this design used in a James Bond villan’s luxury hide away. The pattern does celebrate the automatic pistol which is not my style. Guns are bad. Yeah?

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No Parking Bench

An oak bench with upholstered leather top showing double yellow lines. This bench was designed as a hallway bench that might be temporarily perched on to do your shoes up or unload, but not meant to be parked on for a prolonged period.

Designed and constructed with Toby Hattchet. Commission 1998

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FFF Workbench and Stools

The FFF Workbench is designed to better suit the developments in the new curriculum for secondary school Design and Technology lessons. It has a replaceable Linoleum top for written and drawing work and a solid beech edge for more demanding practical work. The Lino has a graphic in the centre that aims to provide ‘Incidental learning’ by showing technical details in everyday objects such as radius, inside diameter, cubic measurements and isometric views. The workbench has rulers set into its…

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