William Warren

London based product and furniture designer
Educational Design

FFF Workbench and Stools


The FFF Workbench is designed to better suit the developments in the new curriculum for secondary school Design and Technology lessons. It has a replaceable Linoleum top for written and drawing work and a solid beech edge for more demanding practical work. The Lino has a graphic in the centre that aims to provide ‘Incidental learning’ by showing technical details in everyday objects such as radius, inside diameter, cubic measurements and isometric views. The workbench has rulers set into its edges and legs so students can quickly calculate approximate measurements.

There are coat hooks under the table surface, a brush, a central board for bags and locations for Gratnells plastic trays, all designed to keep the working area clean. The benches are designed to be used seated on stools or standing and they have an adjustable height leg. The tables also have square flat sides so they can be pushed together or kept as individual units. There is a hole in the centre of the table for cable management, that keeps the tables options open for changing technologies.

The Ergo stool has four leg rests at different heights on each side so that it can be rotated to fit different heights of school children. The stools can be fitted into the workbench to help keep the workshop tidy and safe.

Designed with Carl Clerkin, the FFF workbench and Ergo stool was developed in collaboration with manufacturer Emir. The project was awarded as a commission from the Design Council following a competitive bidding phase.

Link to the workstation on the Emir website.

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