William Warren

London based product and furniture designer
Educational Design

Home Lockers

The Home locker was developed during the Joined up Design for Schools program, run by the Sorrell Foundation. The program paired designers with schools and set them to work of different briefs such as Graphic Identity, School uniforms or storage issues. Each designer had to work directly with a client team made up of pupils of the school.

My brief was originally to provide secure storage for the corridor areas of Brecknock school in Camden. It became obvious however that there was no need for secure lockers as these would cause new problems but instaed there was a need to help the primary school children respect each others belongings. This was achieved by providing each student with an individual locker that appeared to be a little home. The lockers could be personalised by displaying interests and name in the window and letter boxes in the front door of each locker opened new possibilities of posting each other letters.

Each locker in the school is unique. There are four variables of front door design, four colour ways for both body and door sections and seventy different designs of brass plaque showing the aspirational jobs of the school children and drawn by them.

Because of a lack of space around the school to put all this extra storage, the lockers were designed to be put everywhere. They can be stacked and bolted together, attached to the wall or under desk surfaces or even used as seating.

The home lockers were developed with an existing UK manufacturer called Helmsman. This collaboration not only meant that the design for the lockers was realistic and suitable for production, but also that the school was able to place an order for five hundred lockers when the project was finished. The design work was finished in 2005.

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