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stained glass doorbell

The doorbell works by running current through the metallic strips of the stained glass window. A standard battery powered bell unit is screwed to the back of the door. Couples, once they have learnt the trick, can ring our doorbell by both touching the door and then kissing. The circuit is made and the bell rings.

Also visible in the photos are Jasia’s space invader curtains which she made herself.

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Glug Jug

This glass jug produces a distinctive glugging sound when water is poured from it. The image does not do the design justice, as its charm is experiential.

It was developed for a competition to design a water jug for London to encourage people to value and drink more tap water rather than continually buying bottled water. It is London by its language, character and connection to old Gin jugs.

The ‘Glug Jug’ is a traditional artefact, most commonly a ceramic fish and…

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Wipe Mirror


This is an early example of process led product design. I started this project in 2001.

I wiped stop-out varnish onto mirrors and allowed the varnish to run as it dried. The mirrors were later emersed in a bath of sugar acid, which etched into the glass that was not protected with varnish. The mirrors were then cleaned of varnish to reveal a series of unique patterns that resemble condensation. The design now produced in Japan by screen printing in a…

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