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London based product and furniture designer
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Glug Jug


This glass jug produces a distinctive glugging sound when water is poured from it. The image does not do the design justice, as its charm is experiential.

It was developed for a competition to design a water jug for London to encourage people to value and drink more tap water rather than continually buying bottled water. It is London by its language, character and connection to old Gin jugs.

The ‘Glug Jug’ is a traditional artefact, most commonly a ceramic fish and often seen advertising London gin. It gurgles because the hollow handle noisily fills with air as the jug is tilted and poured. A phenomena that can be felt as well as heard.

The design of the jug has been developed with three criteria: to achieve the glug, to be practical and cleanable and to suit the manufacture of 10,000 pieces.

The shape derives from its production process. A hand blown bubble is crushed to form a handle by an articulated mould that closes to present a shaped cavity to control the remaining blown bubble. The lip is finished by hand. Designed 2008 but sadly never produced for sale.

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  1. diana giles says:

    Where is this sold and for how much?

    colchester, usa

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