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London based product and furniture designer

Where have all the rabbits gone?

This will be a free downloadable gift developed for a research project with Brighton University. Link to ‘Bitrwapped’, an online giftshop.

The brief was to design gifts that could be sold and delivered online without the need for manufactured goods. The project is an attempt to help people select and give more relevant personal gifts and to eliminate some of the environmental impact of producing, transporting and disposing of short life gifts that often only exist in order to satisfy the act of giving.

My design is a single A4 colour printout which can be read to a child and folded up simultaneously, culminating in a suprise end to the activity.

I wrote the poem for my daughter a few years ago but never managed to produce it as the book I had planned. The story line is about a girl who spends all winter looking for the missing rabbits, only to discover them again in spring. There are many dark insinuations that suggest the rabbits may have met a number of sticky endings. This is an attempt to engage all ages in the story.

The origami I have used is an existing pattern. ┬áIt’s much easier to follow somebody else doing it than to read the instructions.For help with the folding, take a look at this very calm Japanese man on You Tube.

Where have all the rabbits gone?

For Miss M.T. Warren.

Where have all the rabbits gone? I can not see them anywhere.They used to hop upon the lawn, and jump about just over there, so where have all the rabbits gone?

I went to look upon the road, to see if they had been squashed flat, but all I found was a travelling man with a lucky charm and a grey fur hat, so where have all the rabbits gone?

I tried to ask the farmer why, there were no rabbits on the run. He would not speak, he was eating pie, and I did not like his hunting gun, so where have all the rabbits gone?

I went to the vet for a diagnosis, to check for a rash of miximatosis. But the surgery was now a butchers, and a pet shop full of empty hutches. So where have all the rabbits gone?

I went to ask the scientists, but they’re too busy running tests. Too busy testing chemicals to help me track down animals. So where have all the rabbits gone?

I approached the dog, spoke to the cat, I asked the fox and I questioned rats, but none of them could talk to me, they are all animals you see and human vocal cords they lack. So where have all the rabbits gone?

I went to look for rabbit poo. I kept my eyes pinned to the ground in search of somthing dark and round and showed my dad what I had found. He said “Rabbit poo that is not, I think it might be shotgun shot.” So where have all the rabbits gone?

In the spring I took a walk, to stretch my legs and take the air, and as I rambled through the fields I spotted rabbits everywhere. Bunnies large and bunnies small, there was a carpet wall to wall. At last their secret I had found. They had been busy underground.

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