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London based product and furniture designer

No Smoking

  • No Smoking ashtrayNo Smoking ashtray

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One of my first products and an example of inventive use of materials and contrary narrative. The first series of ashtrays were produced using no smoking signs from the sign shop near my workshop. The aluminium signs were pressed on a simple wooden tool.

I originally produced the ashtrays myself in batches of fifty and at one point I was personally selling them to nine countries around the word. This of course ended up being a beyond me and I stopped, selling most of my range of products onto different manufacturers. The No Smoking ashtray however was not taken up by anyone and they were left on the shelf for six years before Suck UK asked if they might start to produce them again. They have now been selling well for the last five years.

Today the ashtrays are produced by Suck UK.

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