William Warren

London based product and furniture designer
Domestic Products

Emir Products

  • Toilet Roll HolderToilet Roll Holder
  • Salt and Pepper BoxSalt and Pepper Box
  • Meat MalletMeat Mallet

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This was our first project with Emir. We developed designs for a mitre breadboard, salt and pepper holder, a meat mallet, a toilet roll holder and a series of coat hooks.

The mitre breadboard help with the cutting of bread at 90 and 45 degrees. The ability to cut bread straight has always been a competitive sport in my family. The salt and pepper holder is a cross between a marking out guage and an oil stone box. Both standard Emir products. The toilet roll holder was named ‘Billy’s willy’ after Bill, who had managed Emir for many years.

These objects were all subtle variations of tools already produced by Emir. Our interventions celebrated the honest utility of tools, the quality of an old british tool making company and also attempted to move Emir towards a more lucrative domestic furnishings market.

Designed in collaboration with Carl Clerkin for the exhibition Industry of One.

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