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Chinese Whispers

Willow pattern is a common English crockery design that has been popular for over two hundred years. The pattern originates from China and was ‘interpreted’ by Europeans. This version is now it is manufactured in Japan. The design has traveled backward and forward with a suitable amount of development with each trip, like the game of Chinese whispers.

The ceramics are produced in the usual way, with transfers applied to standard white ceramics, but this time with each piece ‘wearing’ the wrong ceramic transfer. The saucer has the graphic that would normally wrap around the cup, while the cup has the saucer transfer. The large plate has the graphic that fits the side plate and the smaller plate has only room for a section of the larger plates decoration.

I have not ‘designed’ anything here. Simply interfered with the production process. The result is to see more clearly the the people on the production line as they are given the small freedom to choose how the product will look. Each object it’s different.

The Chinese Whispers crockery set was designed for Trico in 2001.

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