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Fold Cutlery


Cutlery that has been laser cut and formed in stainless steel. Produced in a limited batch of fifty sets.

The Fold cutlery set is one of a range of laser cut stainless steel products I developed after graduating from my silver-smithing course. The range included salad servers, egg cup and spoon, napkin rings and coasters as well as the fob off key-rings now produced by Trico. All the pieces have a underlying concern with the use of off cuts which I now believe to have been a hang up from working in silver, rather than for any eco reasons.

The Negative range was developed in 1997

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  1. You might find interesting to know that I’ve seen a set of cutlery based on a similar idea, in Germany, back in 1992, at the Deutsches Klingenmuseum in Solingen. A design contest for modern cutlery was organized by the museum and the first prize was attributed to Uta Herbst from Wuppertal for her very nice design. I believe she meant for the holes to be punched instead of laser cut.
    Drop me a line if you would like to see her design. I’ll try to make decent pictures of the museum catalogue.

  2. William says:

    Thanks Joris,

    Thanks for sending the info. Is this the set with very straight handles and each utensil head cut from the top of the handles and reattached? I have seen a design that has a similar story to mine but wasn’t aware who it was or when it was made. Thanks again.


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