William Warren

London based product and furniture designer

Silhouette Chair ‘Albert’

In England, this is a common shape for a chair. An archetype. The shape has evolved rather than been designed. It originated from the qualities of the wood from which it is constructed and the processes available to make it in the past. It has been reproduced often because it is strong and comfortable.

My version of the chair is made in laminated plywood. This process works by gluing together thin sheets or ‘veneers’ of wood over a mould. A technique commonly used to produce seating, pioneered by Charles Eames in the 1940’s.

This chair is either the ‘wrong’ shape for the process or the ‘wrong’ process for the shape, but ultimately it is a chair that is aware of its heritage.

This chair was the first piece of furniture I developed for Trico. They launched it in a solo show in Tokyo in 2001.

Link to chair on Trico’s website

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