William Warren

London based product and furniture designer

Hampton Court Palace

In February and March 2010, William was employed as designer in residence at Hampton Court Palace.

Hampton Court Palace is really two palaces in one. The front of the Palace is tudor and well known for its connections to Henry the Eighth. The Back of the Palace was built in 1689 by Christopher Wren for the monarchs William and Mary. It is considered to be the english Versailles and an amazing example of high Boroque. Unlike the tudor palace, the baroque palace remains largely original and still full of its original furniture and fittings.

The set brief was to develop an educational resource for secondary school pupils, to enable the palace to welcome classes from across the country for a short project that could be used as part of their marked Design and Technology curriculum.

William spent a number of days drawing in the palace and developed designs for giftware lighting relating to the numerous chandeliers within the palace.

The residency concluded with a written brief for the students and a handling collection of material experiments as well as a finished product to use as a teaching aid and an online video resource to support the delivery of the brief. It is now available to secondary schools.

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